Our Services

Project Delivery

We offer fully integrated project management services from project inception through to final delivery.

At Merz, our expert project managers have extensive experience in managing EPCM, large scale engineering and design projects, infrastructure, and process change projects. We offer fully integrated project management services from project inception through to final delivery.

Our Solutions

Our primary goals in providing project management services are to offer certainty in the delivery of the defined project objectives. Merz has provided independent project control services for large infrastructure projects, delivered on an EPCM basis, managed large engineering and design projects, and managed process and regulatory change projects. Merz provides project management services for large and medium-sized mining and resource companies, industrial plants, utilities, regulators and government agencies.

Project management services we provide include:

  • Project development
  • Project support and management
  • Project programme management
  • Independent cost control and project governance
  • Owner’s and independent engineering
  • Design management

  • Study management
  • Procurement support and management
  • Contract management
  • Site management
  • Risk management


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